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Hiring: Boat Captain

Updated: May 13, 2023

Captain license is required or you must be able to show proof of action or ability to acquire one. Your seat is waiting for you!

We are looking for a Captain to add to our team at WakeSurf Alaska. Candidate must have experience Operating watersport boats and watersport activities. Captains are required to have at minimum a OUPV Captains (6-pack) license or capable of getting one before the season starts. If assistance is needed we are willing to help!

Job description:

  • Operate 24' Wake Boat, including docking and entering/exiting boat lift

  • Be responsible for safety of crew and charter guests

  • Work with coach and mentor guests in watersport activities

  • Monitor weather and make calls to postpone or end charter if needed

  • Perform safety checks of boat and equipment

  • Monitor and fill boat with fuel as needed

  • Verify all charter guests have signed waiver

  • Keep charter on time and proper use of guests time

  • Respond to emergencies and document any accidents or injuries

  • If Captains License is not currently obtained, be able and willing to obtain before job starts.


  • Pay $35 hr

  • Access to boat

  • Crew surf/wake days

  • Drinks and lunch on charters

  • flexible hours, charters vary, can work around other job or work schedules

How To Apply

Please send resume along with a copy of your Captains License if already obtained to: or feel free to call us at: 907-390-0503.

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